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Nine months in the future:

Lucious is in his home making a drink and someone pops up behind him and shoots him multiple times. 

In the present, Cookie is working on a talk show and can't help sparring with her co-hosts over her family's dire straits. 

Cookie owns one of them by saying she was taking cocaine between takes of the show, and they back off from her. 

Cookie wants to be a grandma again to this new child, and sets out to find out more about her own life. 

But she is forced to meet with Lucious. They bicker over things, and she tells Lucious there is no way he is over her and that he should stop pretending. 

In the end, Cookie runs back to Damon. 

Meanwhile, Lucious is living a new life with a new woman, but it later emerges that the woman is Damon Cross's daughter. 

She calls her father to ask for some money. 

Elsewhere, Andre is stunned when Tracy arrives as the new Co-owner of Empire, but she comes in peace and wants to be close to the heart of her son. 

Finally, Giselle and Becky struggle to make their new label work, and things only get wore when Becky blindly hires someone. 


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Empire Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Publicist: Your trial run has been fantastic, and the producers want you to be a permanent co-host. They just need to know that Lucious and Empire are finally behind you.
Cookie: That's none of their damn business, baby.
Publicist: Is it a problem? Do you even know where Lucious is?
Cookie: I don't okay, but nobody gets to tell Cookie Lyon what she can and cannot do.
Publicist: Can you stop referring to yourself in the third person?
Cookie: Well, Cookie Lyon loves it, so get used to it. Look, I am proud of what my family did with Empire. And Lucious is my husband.
Publicist: But you left him. That was your choice. Why not make it public?
Cookie: My choice, my damn business.

Andre: I just don't want to let you down. I'm doing everything I can to rebuild Empire back, Pop. Empire is being attacked on all sides.
Lucious: That's the nature of a kingdom. It's always under attack, and the problem is, I raised you to be a prince, but a prince has no real power. You only have power when you become king, and as a king, you will have to defend your kingdom by any means. And when the time comes, you'll know exactly what you need to do.