Empire Season 6

Empire Season 6 Episode 3 Review: You Broke Love

Empire Review: Who Got Shot?

On Empire Season 6 Episode 3, Cookie was at the mercy of Damon Cross, but did anything bad happen to her? We have a full review of the episode.
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Back in Action - Empire
"Tell the Truth"

On Empire Season 6 Episode 4, a happy family occasion brings the Lyon family back together, but it becomes apparent that no one seems to see eye-to-eye.

"You Broke Love"

On Empire Season 6 Episode 3, Lucious' plan to escape from the Feds comes to a head, and Cookie finds herself in a dangerous situation with Damon.

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"Got on my Knees to Pray"

On Empire Season Episode 2, with Lucious is still on the run, Cookie confronts Damon about why he lied, while Andre must deal with a family complication.

"What Is Love"

On Empire Season 6 Episode 1, Lucious, now a wanted fugitive, is on the run and Cookie keeps busy by focusing on her daytime talk show and a community center.

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Empire Season 6 Quotes

Publicist: Your trial run has been fantastic, and the producers want you to be a permanent co-host. They just need to know that Lucious and Empire are finally behind you.
Cookie: That's none of their damn business, baby.
Publicist: Is it a problem? Do you even know where Lucious is?
Cookie: I don't okay, but nobody gets to tell Cookie Lyon what she can and cannot do.
Publicist: Can you stop referring to yourself in the third person?
Cookie: Well, Cookie Lyon loves it, so get used to it. Look, I am proud of what my family did with Empire. And Lucious is my husband.
Publicist: But you left him. That was your choice. Why not make it public?
Cookie: My choice, my damn business.

Andre: I just don't want to let you down. I'm doing everything I can to rebuild Empire back, Pop. Empire is being attacked on all sides.
Lucious: That's the nature of a kingdom. It's always under attack, and the problem is, I raised you to be a prince, but a prince has no real power. You only have power when you become king, and as a king, you will have to defend your kingdom by any means. And when the time comes, you'll know exactly what you need to do.