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Lucious is determined to take Damon down before it's too late. 

However, he doesn't bank on Damon taking Cookie hostage. Lucious thinks it is all an elaborate ruse and lets them get on with it. 

Cookie pleads with Damon that she wants to help him and that she made a mistake by taking the details from his phone. 

When he cuts her free to go to the loo, Cookie makes a run for it and he shoots her in the leg. 

The pair argue about it, but ultimately Lucious calls to make a deal. 

When they meet him, Lucious smashes the laptop and he and Cookie make a run for it in a cab. 

Cookie reveals that she has backups of everything and they turn to Megan. They tell her to drop the case against Lucious. She agrees. 

They then go to the hospital to meet their grandchild, but they are still very much distant. 

Andre battles with the ghost of Kingsley and wonders whether he is being punished by God for everything he's done. 

Kingsley tells him they have work to do and that it would be a great idea to take down Lucious once and for all. 

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Empire Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Teri: Our Angel. We're so, so happy to have you.
Andre: Yes we are.

Kingsley: Congratulations, little bro. A new Lyon cub in the den, I am so proud. What, no hug? I missed you, man.
Andre: Yeah, this isn't happening. This is my anti-rejection meds causing hallucinations.
Kingsley: Don't do that, Andre. We're brothers. We got a lot to do. You're going to need me if we're going to keep Empire.
Andre: Keep?
Kingsley: We both know the old man's coming back. He killed me when I took the throne. You want that to happen to you?
Andre: You shot yourself, Kingsley.
Kingsley: He drove me to that. You, with your mental health challenges, you're vulnerable to his attacks. We have to secure the legacy for our little prince in there. Let's talk.