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Cookie worried that Lucious was reverting to his old ways, and it was only further fueled by his decision to skip Andre's baby christening. 

Instead, he went to threaten Damon. He said that they should keep families out of it or there will be hell to pay. 

Damon agreed, and they parted ways. 

Lucious returned to Empire when he realized that his movie was not being produced the way he wanted it to be.

He managed to make some changes, but Tracy arrived and said they would need to go through her. 

She brought back on of the enemies from his past, and there appeared to be a new rivalry. 

Cookie had an argument on-air with her co-host, telling her that she had a lumpy ass and that no man would want that. 

The woman turned on the water works, and there was a big argument. 

Cookie then attended therapy, but laughed the whole thing off as a workplace argument. 

Cookie argued with Lucious when he tried to trash the family dinner plans. 

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Empire Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Becky: Gladys, hey!
Giselle: Don't say Hi to Gladys, we don't work at Empire anymore. We run Bossy Media, remember?
Becky: Excuse you, I was well-loved here.
Giselle: But, she's not your co-worker anymore.
Becky: I know. We are the competition.
Giselle: This is a negotiation, so when Andre tries to pat our heads.
Becky: No one's patting my head.
Giselle: Shut that condescension down.

Andre: This meeting and deal are off.
Becky: Okay, not what I was expecting.
Giselle: What's going on, Andre?
Andre: Your fingerprints are all over that stunt Tiana pulled. You met with her, unsanctioned, and put a bat on your back.
Giselle: Because that was our bright idea to get you to agree to a collab with our artist?
Becky: Exactly, and you know that this collab is going to rehab Tiana's career. You've seen me do this with artists for years.
Andre: I'll get Tiana back on track without the help of your little label.
Becky, Giselle: Oh, little label.
Andre: Which won't be working with Tiana or any Empire artist ever.