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Beverly and Sean stress out over the fact that Sean and Tim were partners when Sean originally came up with the idea for the "new" script.

Beverly actually believes that Tim is within his rights to seek credit for the idea, even though Sean actually came up with it back in the day. Sean believes that Tim has no ground on because he simply wrote the idea down and didn't come up with it. They both have no idea how to proceed. 

Matt and Diane share a bed the morning after some reckless drinking and, although Diane is rightfully disgusted at first, she warms up to the idea of spending the day with her ex-husband. Matt sweet talks his ex-wife into spending a day at the beach with him, and they share a passionate kiss. 

Carol wakes up alone in a bed, but with two discarded bras next to her. She has a flashback off the night before, and although she had a great time, she tries to make a clean exit. She goes into where Helen is making coffee and can't deny her boss's request to join her. 

Although awkward at first, they both admit that they had a great time last night and get ready to kiss again. Carol's cell phone buzzes and she's reminded of her hiking date with Beverly. She invites Helen along and they both go to meet Beverly at the spot. 

Beverly notices that something is up when Carol and Helen can't seem to get enough of each other, but doesn't say anything. 

Matt and Sean share a moment at the refreshments table and where Matt confess that it's great to sleep with your own wife for once. He says he might want to get back together with his ex, even if it's partly for monetary reasons. 

Sean and Beverly get told by their agent that they do have a legal issue, according to legal, and that Tim might have a case against them. Beverly can't wait to get rid of the US and head back to her home. 

Carol and her employee talk about the confusing state of their co-worker's pregnancy before Helen comes and whisks her away for some "work." Their not really doing to great of a job of keep their passion quite. 

Carol and Beverly have dinner together, and Beverly confesses that she might actually be happy for the first time in a while. She felt so used by her previous relationships with her ex-bosses, but she feels together with Helen. Beverly is clearly surprised but she's not against the idea since Carol actually seems satisfied for once. 

Matt proposes to his ex-wife, trying to convince her to give their marriage a second try. She almost considers it, but says that he's been crazy. She doesn't seem completely against the idea, but Matt will need to try harder to win her over. 

Tim has a sit down with Sean and Beverly's manager, and they are told that Tim doesn't just want money - he wants to run the show with them. 

Matt stumbles upon his wife having break-up sex with her now ex-boyfriend when bringing her her favorite crabs, and storms out in a huff. 

Beverly and Sean try to show him the irony of holding a grudge against his wife for something like this when he's done worse in the past, but he's not hearing any of it. 

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Then it would be called "Einstein and Schmeinstein’s Theory of Relativity," to the delight of school children everywhere.


Sean: Sure it has two families played by the same cast -
Beverly: You mean the premise?
Sean: Fine, the premise! But it was my idea! All Tim did was type it.