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When Tim, Sean's old writer-friend, comes into town, Beverly knows he's up to no good. Beverly has her own suspicions about Tim's disdain for her, but it turns out thtat he's here for even more than his dislike for his ex-friend's wife.

Tim isn't here to complain about how Beverly stopped Sean from working with him, he's here with proof that Sean and Beverly's new script is ripped off from his old work with Sean. Tim and Sean sit down for lunch one day, and Tim reveals notes he typed up back in the day. He says that he's read Sean and Beverly's new script, and that a lot of it, from the double cast to the name, are derived from their original work together. 

Tim implies that lawyers are getting involved, but that he believes that they can work it out between themselves.

Sean doesn't want to believe the accusations at first, and adamantly denies any involvement with this supposed plagiarism. However, he must've pulled ideas from this project subconsciously, and he eventually has to break the bad news to Beverly - who doesn't take it too well.

Beverly finds out about all this after spending an entire day with Matt at a free gift giveaway. Beverly was able to express her greedy and gluttonous side for once, and she probably deserves it. As she put it, after all the stuff Matt has put her and her husband through, she believes that she deserves to be rewarded. 

Before taking her on the makeshift shopping spree, Matt phones it in at work - barely knowing any of his lines. But Beverly doesn't care because she's invested in her new show and the giveaway.

Beverly makes Matt jump through hoops and get her everything she desires, and is at home trying out her new stuff and putting on an exhibit for Sean when he breaks the bad new to her. 

Matt goes straight to his ex-wife's home after the giveaway, but his kids aren't their to see him. His wife scolds him for teaching their kids how to draw a vagina, but Matt defends his kid's drawing ability. 

Although his ex-wife has drank in 3 months, Matt convinces her to relax with him and they both make a drink for themselves. 

They reminisce about their kids, or, more superficially about the time before they had children.

Diane wears a tight leather dress that Matt brought home with him and they can't resist the sexual tension any longer. The start making out.

Carol and Helen hear Merc's ridiculous pitch for a show from Holand, but since Merc got Helen her first job, she has to sanction the show. 

The smoke weed in her office together afterwards, and talk about Carol's promiscuous love-life. 

This leads to Carol making a very important discovery - that Helen is actually lesbian. Carol's talk about father issues and liking the power a boss exemplifies causes Helen to make a move on her - one that Carol willingly reciprocates. 

And they start making out as well. 



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I listened, he begged. He's really good at the begging.


He calls me Yoko.