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On Episodes Season 4 Episode 2, Matt continues to deal with his recent loss of money, while Sean works on convincing Beverly to get on board with selling their new script.

The episode opens with Matt on talk to his publicist. It seems as if he almost forgot about his recent financial mishap - that perhaps it was all a dream. Reality starts rushing back to him as the publicist takes her time going through Matt's statement to the public. Although she wrote a perfectly suitable speech, Matt's disdain for his ex financial manager forces him to disapprove of every word. She says she'll work on it.

Sean, having convinced Beverly to at least take a few meetings with the competing studios, tries to touch on the positives of selling their show. Beverly can only seem to focus on the downsides - understandably. They also wear almost identical shirts, forcing Beverly to change tops.

Matt has an exasperating meeting with his new accountants. They try their best to navigate the minefield of dealing with a star's assets. However, Matt does need to liquidate some of his belongings if he plans on living at the same rate that he has been. If he does nothing to change his lifestyle, he could blow through the rest of his money by 2019. 

They go through his current pieces of property, from his vineyard to his beloved plane and car collection. The only thing the accounts seem to get a lukewarm reception to is evicting his father and firing the man that used to sweep his beach for the past eighteen years.  

Carol tries her best to be pleasant and accommodating when she first meets Helen. When Helen brings up the elephant in the room, Carol jumps the guns and beings apologizing for all her past misdoings. After going half way through her rant, she realizes that Helen doesn't know what she's talking about. She then has to go out of her way to explain what happened between her and her ex-boss - Helen's ex-husband. 

Helen doesn't seem to be affected at all - rather, she tries to comfort Carol when Carol realizes that the man had come up with such an elaborate lie about his wife finding out only to stop seeing her. 

After they get all that out of the way, Helen says her elephant in the room was only that she wanted to get Carol to try and stay as her #2 because she heard that Carol was searching for other jobs. 

Matt begs Sean and Beverly to meet with their hated ex-assistant turned writer of fame, Andrew, to get him his role on the show back. Against their judgment, they go through with the favor for Matt, only to find out that Matt's legal situation with Pucks! would prevent him from ever working on Andrew's show.

Matt tries to get his ex-wife to go through with her recently canceled engagement so that he doesn't have to pay alimony anymore. 

Sean and Beverly have plenty of awful meetings with studio executives until coming face to face with their dream: Helen. 

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Sean: We take the meetings -
Beverly: And shove them?

I hope he comes back to life, gets ass cancer, and dies again.