Episodes Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Beach Sweeper

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On Episodes Season 4 Episode 2, Matt proves that he's still a Valley Girl at heart – while Sean and Beverly seem to stumble upon their dream studio executive.

I mean really, how materialistic has Matt become over the years? The fictionalized version of himself that LeBlanc portrays is anything but flattering – and it always makes for great comedy. 

Carol Mends Fences - Episodes

This time around Episodes  Matt learns that if he continues to live at the rate he has been, the millions he still has left will all be gone by 2019. 

Talk about a wake up call – at least, it would've been for anyone else. 

For Matt, it's a sign that his plane and car collections need to be protected now, more than ever.

Matt's Accountant: There's the possibility of liquidating the car collection -
Matt: Fuck you!
Matt's Accountant: Okay.
Aaron: So that's not on the table?
Matt: Not even near the table!
Matt's Accountant: But you're prepared to evict your father?
Matt: Not one of those cars is an asshole.

Watching Matt get all flustered over his possessions, while his accountants delicately dance around the minefield that is a star's wealth, was a treat – and is probably tied for one of my favorite scenes, along with Sean and Beverly meeting with Andrew.

Speaking of Andrew, how hilarious was the contrast between his happy-go-lucky, way overqualified and try-hard, assistant and Sean's and Beverly's Wendy? 

Sean: You're fired!
Wendy: I'm what?
Sean: Nevermind.

Man, these two never seem to win when it comes to one-upping their ex-assistant (and they also seem to have a horrible streak as far as assistants go). 

However, their prayers seem to have been answered at last – in the form of Helen Basch. 

Not only was she supportive when Carol tied her tongue into a pretzel-knot during their first encounter, she couldn't have been more accommodating during her meeting with Sean and Beverly if she was Carol herself. But, unlike Carol, she has the power to do right by her promises – hopefully.

After the types of meetings they had during that great montage, I'm excited to see if they'll get to make the show they actually want.

I'm going to stick with definitive, but I'll go to the grave remembering 'gimmicky.'


Helen seems too good to be true as of now and I still feel as if Carol should get a shot at the throne, but I wouldn't mind Sean and Beverly getting to run a show of their dreams.

Until Matt ruins it somehow (I'm predicting).

On the topic of Carol, she had a couple awesome scenes as well. From jumping the gun when "the elephant in the room" was brought up, to calling Beverly her best friend, Kathleen Perkins is always excellent in discomfort. 

There's no excuse! I was young, I was naive - okay those are both excuses.


Meanwhile, I don't really see where Matt's current storyline is going – but there have only been two installments, so I'm content with just enjoying his Matt-isms.

From trying to convince his wife to stay in an abusive relationship, to putting a price on his kids:

Matt: It's childhood! It's over before you know it!
Sean: You should never have been given sperm.
Matt: Look, obviously, you can't put a price on your children's happiness. But it turns out you can, they showed me a spreadsheet.
Sean: I'm out.

Not to mention that the best scene of the night might have been the very last one, where he fired an employee that's worked for him for 18 freakin' years!

Matt's impenetrable ego never gets old. It's simply brilliant how thickheaded he is:

As you can imagine, it's been a nightmare. They want me to sell my plane! I mean, that's not gonna happen, you gotta draw the line somewhere. But sadly, I do have to make some cutbacks. So I wanted to thank you for 18 years, I can't believe it, but today needs to be our last day. If you could just grab that little bit of seaweed shit over there I think,we're good. Also, actually don't know if that's your rake, or my rake, but by all means - and again, thank you. Oh there's part of a dead seagull over there, if could just grab that that'd be great.


Tonight's episode was an entertaining follow up to Episodes Season 4 Episode 1. Check out Episodes Quotes  for more favorite moments of mine, and leave a comment down below with your own. There were plenty of laughs, and definitely some more insight as to where the season is heading. Watch Episodes online to catch anything you have missed the first time around. 

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Sean: We take the meetings -
Beverly: And shove them?

I hope he comes back to life, gets ass cancer, and dies again.