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-Ben has Kate assigned as a Special Master in a case where a young woman named Carmen's body is found at Lake Tahoe on the boundary between Nevada and California. Kate must decide which state has jurisdiction.

-When Nevada seems hell bent on convicting her boyfriend Jacob before the evidence is in and California may be in the pocket of his rich father, Kate can't make up her mind and she and Ben end up spending the night in Lake Tahoe.

-Jacob admits that he and Carmen did meet in the woods that night to exchange unofficial marriage vows. Later the autopsy shows that Carmen sprained her ankle and fell a long distance, her head hitting a rock. Her death is ruled accidental. The medical examiner found her ring in her pocket. She lost it and went back to the woods to find it when the accident occurred.

-Ben admits to Kate that he is interested in having a relationship with her and believes she went back to Justin because he's the safe choice but when Kate doesn't respond, he walks away.

-D.A. Davidson hands Justin a case he believes he can't win because their main witness slept with the accused's wife. With Lauren's help Justin mangoes to convince the jury that despite that bias, the man is telling the truth and he wins the case.

-Justin tells Kate that he officially wants her back. She agrees and Justin is thrilled but the look on Kate's face is still unsure.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Kate: What the world needs now?
Ben: Is more hotel casinos.

What is the big deal about two divorced people having sex?