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-Justin introduces Kate to a Brazilian singer Claudia Alvez at a concert and the two are invited to a party. When the limo they are in is involved in a hit and run, a search of the vehicle produces four baggies of cocaine in Claudia's purse.

-Claudia swears she's being set up and Kate believes her. D.A. Davidson decides to go to trial in order to make Justin look bad and ruin his campaign.

-Ben helps Kate track down the hit and run vehicle. The driver was paid by people trying to discredit Claudia and keep her from returning to Brazil.  The charges are dropped.

-When the differences of Kate and Justin's personalities begin to resurface, Kate doubts their relationship.

-Lauren goes on a date with billionaire Robin Archer and has a wonderful time but when he lies to her about having kids, she decides to end the relationship.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Oh Justin, remind me to divorce you more often.


Oh, Leonardo. When you promise someone naked pictures of a cute boy you don't show them pictures of cars.