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-Kate helps new client Aero Bank mediate bankruptcy proceedings. She decides to help Eddie Selenas save his apartment building. He's losing tenants because he can't get Nick, a drug dealer to leave.

-Nick's attorney, Travis is Ben's school rival. When Kate makes a scene after a shooting, Travis gets a restraining order to keep her away from Nick.

-Turns out Travis is using Nick to try and empty the building so that he can swoop in an buy it cheap, then sell it to a developer. Ben figures it out and calls Travis out on his plan. Nick decides to move and get a new attorney.

-The District Attorney tells Lauren he wants to hire Reed & Reed as his legal council for his campaign. He tells her Justin will surely lose once news of his affair comes out in the press.

-Lauren tells Kate who makes a scene in Justin's office.

-Lauren leaks news to a political blog that Aaron's campaign is about to release a secret about his opponent. Now if the information comes out, it will look like Aaron is playing dirty politics.  He threatens Lauren, telling her Reed & Reed is in for tough times once he's re-elected.

-Leo ends up doing a better job mediating bankruptcy clients than Kate.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Per the Kate Reed mediating platinum package. Evicting drug lords.


I think Captain America's mask is about to fall off.