Fairly Legal Review: Emotionally Volatile

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Where is the line between caring and becoming too emotionally involved? When does being impulsive turn into being a hot head. "Gimme Shelter" had me asking these questions as I watched Kate Reed deal with a curve ball she didn't expect.

In last week's episode, Kate was all about doing what was best for her client but this week her emotional involvement cost her. She made stupid, impulsive decisions that put Eddie's interests at risk.

That the shooting made Kate angry was to be expected. I wasn't even fazed when she ran around pounding on doors and yelling at drug dealers.

The bigger problem came when they went to court. Instead of helping Ben with the case she hindered it. She's an attorney. She knew better than to yell at their opponent in the middle of court. Her ridiculous outburst helped prove Travis' case, that Kate was a hot head who couldn't be trusted.

Ben Works With Kate & a Rival Attorney

I knew Kate wouldn't take the news that Justin's affair would be made public well but if she was looking to keep it quiet, perhaps screaming about it in his office with the door open wasn't her smartest move. Sometimes that's what annoys the heck out of me about Kate. She's a smart woman who frequently lets her emotions rule her actions. Then she tends to blame others when it blows up on her.

The one person who consistently saw through Kate was Ben. He's certainly not perfect. If anything he's got huge flaws. Like telling your fiance that you forgive her affair only to turn around and cheat on her to get even. That's the kind of thing that leaves a black mark on your soul. 

Ben's got issues but so does Kate. At this point I don't want to see them romantically involved but I like the brother / sister banter where they call one another on their bull.

Leo did a great job in his role as mediator. Where Kate lives to save everyone, Leo was more pragmatic. The fact was that many of those businesses weren't going to survive. Leo was smart enough to save the ones they could and be honest with the rest.

In this Fairly Legal quote, Leo told a client...

Leo: Everybody fails some times. | permalink

What's important is where you go from there.

As usual Lauren won me over. She's classy, has backbone, and is willing to play a little dirty if necessary. And what's best is that she's smart about it. 

I wondered if Kate realized how much of the firm's future Lauren risked in order to protect her. If Aaron wins that election, Reed & Reed's got a hard road ahead.

In the end the only problem I had with the episode was that I felt Kate fell back into her selfish, impulsive nature and I found it annoying after the progress she's made all season. Of course having heard that Justin's affair was going public was like poking an open wound. Perhaps she'll get back on track once the sting subsides.

So will we ever get the details of Justin's one nighter? Do Justin and Kate ever have a chance of reconciling? Do you want them to and is Ben growing on you? What do you think of this season of Fairly Legal?

Gimme Shelter Review

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