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-Kate is called upon to mediate a case of a student, Eliza being expelled for cheating from Kate's former high school.

-Kate identifies with Eliza because she also felt like an outsider at the expensive private school.  When Eliza says that her teacher, Mr. Wade was sexting her, Kate pushes to have him fired before there's a full investigation. The school agrees.

-Mr. Wade seemingly proves that the texts weren't from him and threatens to sue.  Kate then realizes that Mr. Wade and Eliza were in it together and tried to take the school for millions.

-Ben tries to figure out what Kate sees in Justin and even quizzes Leo about their relationship.

-Ben and Justin argue in front of a judge over a plea deal.  She makes them come back multiple times to debate the issues and they're confused by her actions.

-Lauren explains that she believes the judge is turned on by their intellectual debate so the boys agree on a deal and end the debate.  The judge lets them go.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I know Judge Heeney. He's a crabass who loves jail time.


So you're risk averse. Guess that can be an attractive quality at first blush but I can see where someone might get bored.