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The Griffin family goes to a dinner with the Fishman family, who are far more successful and better-off than they are. When the FIshmans mention that they are climbing Mount Everest, Peter facetiously replies that so will they. Lois takes this opportunity to suggest that they actually should do it, to prove that they're better than the Fishmans. 

So they travel to Nepal, and actually manage to make the climb up Everest and celebrate their achievement, only to find that the Fishmans had beaten them by over an hour. Disappointed, the Griffins start to descend, but run into a complication of a vicious storm blowing through. On their way down, with no food to speak of, they find the frozen body of the Fishmans' son Ben, and they decide to eat him; it's a tough choice for the rest of the family, though Peter digs in right away. They make it back to base camp, passing by the Fishmans who are looking for their son; the Griffins go back to help them, with Lois reasoning that they can rise above petty jealousy to rescue their neighbors. The Fishmans get trapped and the family winds up rescuing them. The Fishmans thank the Griffins for saving them, and Peter casually mentions that they ate their son before sending the helicopter away, smash cut to credits.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

Hey, it's cooked food in another house. That's exciting for light older women like me.


Lois: Peter, will you stop being so jealous? I dated Ross 20 years ago.
Peter: That's right, that means he had you first, Lois. I'll always be Scottie Pippen to his Michael Jordan.