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The guys are sitting on a couch in Peter's front yard just talking. He tells the guys how the couch ended up in the front yard. Peter tells Joe he needs to go to a class for small talk.

Joe tells them he is going to a class for small talk. 

Cutaway to Joe in small talk class.

Lois is serving breakfast. Peter tells Lois he's going to the front yard to be with the guys. She says she thought they were going to work on the garden, but he says it was a stupid idea and leaves. He comes back in yelling that the drinking couch has been stolen. 

In the garage, Peter gives out t-shirts to the guys for the new neighborhood watch group he formed. He asks Joe if he can get them guns. While Joe is giving a long-winded speech about the process of obtaining guns, Peter goes out and gets a handful of guns. Peter says it was easy, like hitting the "easy" button at the office supply store.

Cutaway to a guy hitting the "easy" button at the office supply store.

Joe and Quaqmire are in the car on watch. Joe is trying to make small talk about soft porn. Eventually they leave the car and join up with Peter and the others walking the neighborhood. They see a guy hiding behind the bushes (Cyrano de Bergerac) and beat him up.

The next night, Lois wants Peter to stop doing the neighborhood watch, but Peter insists. He sees someone in the shadows trying to break into Cleveland's house. He tells the person to stop, but the person goes into his jacket pocket and Peter shoots him. It ends up being Cleveland's son, Cleveland, Jr., who wants to know why Peter shot him.

Cleveland Jr. is at the hospital surrounded by Cleveland, Loretta, Joe, and Dr. Hartman. Peter comes into the room. The Browns' accuse him of being a racist and demand that Joe arrest him.  Loretta says the only reason Peter shot the boy was because he was black. Cleveland calls him a bigot. Joe tells them the shooting was accidental.

Cutaway to a speed sign calling Peter fat then saying JK LOL.

Peter, Quagmire and Joe are at the Drunken Clam watching Tom Tucker's interview with Cleveland. Cleveland is claiming the shooting was a hate crime. Peter is confounded.  He claims he doesn't hate anyone and loves everyone.

Cutaway to Aborigines playing music and dancing koalas.

Peter returns home and Lois is not happy. She tells him that the whole town hates them. Peter still doesn't get it. Brian tries to explain, but Peter is too dense. He tells everyone that he will prove he is not a racist. Lois asks him how.

Cutaway to Peter playing basketball at the YMCA.

Peter walks into the living room with an Afro and a can of brown paint. Lois asks what he is doing. He explains that he is going to go down to the center of town and paint himself brown to show he is in touch with what it's like to be African-American. Lois gets angry and tells him it's stupid. Then she gets over-the-top angry and starts yelling at him and hitting him with a rolled-up newspaper. Chris and Meg are watching by the stairs. They start pulling their hair out.

Cleveland is working in his garden when Peter shows up with a bottle of booze and two glasses. Cleveland wants Peter gone, but Peter pulls out two cigars. He lights them up, but one falls into the bottle and ignites, causing small fires to break out on the lawn. Peter grabs a rag from Cleveland's pocket and stuffs it into the bottle hoping that will stop the fire, but it causes the flames to intensify. By this time, people are gathering around Cleveland's house. Peter picks up the bottle, but it is super hot and he throws it, but ends up throwing it into Cleveland's house, which starts the house on fire. Peter then starts yelling at Cleveland to get his family out.  More people have gathered, including a skinhead family who are excited at what Peter APPEARS to be doing.

Protesters gather outside of Peter's house. Joe comes to arrest Peter for the attempted murder of Cleveland Jr. When Peter questions this Joe explains that the "guys upstairs" are feeling pressure from the public. Lois and the kids come out to see Peter being taken away. Chris tells his dad he'll send him a cake with a file in it.

Cutaway to Peter in a jail cell with a half-eaten cake. The file is a file of kitchen appliance user manuals.

Carter comes to visit Peter in jail and tells him that he will get him out.

Cutaway to Carter reading J.A.G. fan fiction at a N.C.I.S. convention.

At the courthouse, Cleveland Jr tells his story. Peter's lawyer questions the boy in a way to make him look bad. He puts a knife on the stand and asks the boy to pick it up. When he does, the lawyer acts threatened and the boy is arrested.

As they take Cleveland Jr. out, Cleveland calls for Joe to do something, but instead of paying attention, Joe is talking to some other guy about soap porn.

Peter goes free. Cleveland confronts him outside of the courthouse and tells him their friendship is over.

Protesters are in front of Cleveland's house demanding he and his family get out of town. Cleveland comes out of his house and tells the protesters to go away, that his son didn't do anything wrong.

Peter walks over to Cleveland's house and tells everyone, including the media that is there, that he did shoot the boy and that he will face the consequences. Cleveland stops him and tells everyone that he shot his son.  Tricia Takanawa asks what that means and Cleveland says that a black man killed a black man. Everyone takes off.

Peter and Cleveland make up. Cleveland Jr. comes out. When Cleveland leaves. the boy threatens Peter, then tells him he's only kidding.

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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 9 Quotes

Joe: Public opinion has shifted, and the boys upstairs said they can no longer ignore it.
Peter: Who the hell are the boys upstairs?

Lois, I am an unelected vigilante and take my job very seriously.