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Due to Brian's flea problem, the Griffins move into a hotel while their house is fumigated.  Lois and Peter discover Chris is skipping gym class due to being self conscious, and Peter signs him up for liposuction.  When Chris does not want the service, Peter takes it himself and ends up getting more plastic surgery.  He becomes one of the beautiful people, but eventually ends up getting into a nasty car crash and somehow ends up looking like his old self.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Lois: Jump in, sweetie! The turtle will protect you!
Stewie: I'm supposed to entrust my life to a turtle?! Nature's "D" student?

Lois: Okay, meatloaf for us, and a very special, very delicious, steamed vegetable dish for Chris.
Chris: Ohhh. It tastes like a monkey. A monkey that's past it's prime