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Peter goes with Lois to visit her sister Carole, who is alone and pregnant since her husband walked out on her.  After Peter helps Carole deliver her baby, he and Lois decided to have another child.  Stewie is desperate to stop them and shrinks himself down to a microscopic size to seek out his sperm-brother inside Peter and unites with him to destroy Lois.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Lois: Peter, why are you staring into the dryer?
Peter: I'm watching the latest episode of Laundry Theater. See? Now those are Chris' socks, right? They don't know that Stewie's shirt is having an affair with Meg's trousers. It's fun to watch rich people be naughty!

Lois: Peter listen to me. My sister just called. Her baby's due any day now and Ted just walked out on her.
Peter: Woah! Woah! Back it up. You have a sister?
Lois: I promised her I'd be on the next train. Poor Carol. All alone in that big house.
Peter: Wait a minute. Carol. Is she the one with the Jacuzzi and the pool table?
Lois: Yeah.
Peter: Yeah, better come with you.