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Peter and the guys try to fill the void left by Cleveland and find a potential in Jerome (Kevin Michael Richardson).  However, when Peter introduces Jerome to Lois, he finds out he's an old boyfriend of hers.  Jealous Peter heads over to Jerome's where he accidentally sets his place on fire.  With no place to go, Lois invites Jerome to live with them and Peter scares him off by wearing a "ghost uniform" (KKK).  Lois then shows Peter a give Jerome got him, and Peter feels guilty and finds Jerome and apologizes.  So will this cool cat be their fourth?  We doubt it.

Meanwhile, Brian is hurt that he can't become the fourth member because Quagmire hates him.  He sets out to find out why Glen hates him and after insulting his siblings by accident, he takes Glen out for a steak dinner.  Quagmire eventually just rips into him and a emotionally destroyed Brian is happy when Stewie says he likes him and sleeps on his floor.  Poor Brian.

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Family Guy Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

I got time for whatever I want, fool. My watch dont't tell time, I tell it.


Peter: I know you're interested in being the fourth guy in our entourage, Kevin Connolly, but aren't you a little small?
Quagmire: I'll tell you what you can be in our group if I can have some of your cereal.
Kevin Connolly: Oh no, they're after me Kevin Connoly charms.