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Peter and the guys try to find the original source of a dirty joke and their trip finds them in Virginia where they meet Cleveland's new family.  The guys end up taking Cleveland with them on an adventure that takes them first to Washington D.C. and later to a remote island.  Once they discover the source of jokes is a secret base, the group wants to keeo the guys prisoner until they break free, blow up the place and take off by plane.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 8 Episode 19 Quotes

Peter: Hispanic female doctor or gay masseuse?
Quagmire: Hispanic from Spain?
Peter: no.
Quagmire: So it's basically, "would your rather get a massage from a gay man or die?"

REO Speedwagon saved us several steps as they too had backtracked to hoke some extent. But when their trail had led to a bartender in Virgina, they had given up, much on the way the world has given up on them. In fact, just to kick them a couple extra bucks, here's five seconds of "Time For Me To Fly."