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In two separate plots, Family Guy addresses two recurring themes: Stewie’s homicidal tendencies, and Meg’s need to be accepted. 

When Brian points out that Stewie has “gone soft” and no longer feels the need to kill people with his genius schemes, Stewie takes drastic measures and accidentally clones an evil version of himself. However, the clone is truly evil and attempts to eliminate his original self and Brian; as Brian eliminates the evil clone the camera pans to Stewie, whose eyes glow yellow.

Meanwhile, with Bonnie out of town, Lois asks Meg to look after Joe and Susie. Although reluctant at first, Meg agrees to do so and bond with Joe, leading her to believe that Joe is actually her boyfriend. 

Meg sabotages Bonnie’s return by planting a gun in her suitcase and tries to seduce Joe.  When Joe tries to tell Meg that they have nothing in common, Meg decides to cripple herself. At the hospital, Joe and Meg make up and decide to be friends.

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Help me get some of Peter's tools out of the gay-rage.


Heh, heh, I stole Meg's cutaway.

Peter [dressed like Meg]