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Tiegs for Two had two separate plotlines: the first half involved Peter and a stereotypical Chinese laundromat owner named Mr. Washee-Washee.  Peter accuses the man of stealing one of his two white shirts and gets his family banned from Mr. Washee-Washee’s laundromat. 


After breaking and entering Mr. Washee-Washee’s home, Peter gets arrested and Brian picks him up from the police station.  Brian meets Denise and believes that she’s the woman of his dreams until she dumps him.  After taking Quagmire’s “pick up artist” class, Brian loses Denise forever and takes revenge on Quagmire by dating Cheryl Tiegs, the woman of Quagmire’s dreams.  Quagmire similarly dates Jillian to spite Brian and the two lose both of their dates by brawling at a restaurant.  At the end of the episode, the two remain enemies. 


Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Enough! You all banned from my store! Ding-dong!

Mr. Washee-Washee

Mr. Washee-Washee: I no have your shirt.
Peter: You yes have my shirt!
Peter: Fine, I go. But this no over! I take picture of Ang Lee
Mr . Washee-Washee: Good! He do too many white people movie anyway!
You no come back ever! I don't like you American. And all you American look alike!