Revisiting History - Fantasy Island
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On the day of her quinceanera, ten years ago, Alma is given an ultimatum by her mother: either get with the program and put on her party dress or she loses her drum set. Alma puts on the dress and takes her drum set to band practice instead.

On the island, today, Elena tells Ruby that their guests arrived the night before. Ruby's trying to read some books now that she has some time.

Alma's fantasy is to be free of her family. They hate that she's a musician because her grandfather was a musician and he left her pregnant grandmother and had an affair.

Alma starts her fantasy and she is transported to Cuba, 1967. A stranger directs her to a club and recommends that she change her clothes to something more suitable.

Elena visits Ruby in her room and finds her tucked in for bed with a book already. Elena lets her know that she's going to be away for a few days and has a list of things for her to do while she's away.

Alma goes to the Noche de Baile for the music and finds her grandfather, Martino, there, on the drums.

A man asks her to dance and Alma realizes that he's her great-uncle, Raul. Elena arrives to chat with her. She recommends that she introduce herself to her grandfather.

He disparages her interest in percussion and a nearby woman advises her to get Raul on her side if she wants to get in with the band.

Elena is joined at the bar by Oscar and is greeted with a kiss.

Alma follows Raul into the back and sees him packing some bottles. Martino catches her and she offers to help them as an American in exchange for Tino teaching her percussion.

Tino takes her to his wife, her grandmother.

Ruby goes to talk to the bartender.

Alma sits with her grandmother in the kitchen and learns to make Cuban food. Alma shares that she knows Raul and Tino are skimming rum and smuggling it.

Oscar and Elena talk about how often she visits Havana and him. He asks her about her work. They dance together.

Ruby meets Sagundo, the caretaker of the island.

Elena appears in Alma's room and discusses her relationship with her family.

Alma's role in the smuggling plan is to drive the alcohol past the military checkpoint. She drives with Tino in the passenger seat. He asks about her life. She shares her issues with him.

They reach the checkpoint and get through without any issues.

Back at the club, Raul talks to Alma about the smuggling. He claims he doesn't worry but Alma sees a gun in his waistband as he walks away. Lily begins singing with the band. Tino calls Alma to join the jam. She surprises them all with her ability.

Ruby joins Sagundo in his garden. She wonders if Elena left her the tasks to just get her out of the room. She turns her ankle.

Elena and Oscar stroll the street with ice cream.

Alma catches sight of Raul making a transaction. Raul warns her not to tell Tino, that he's too cautious. She sees a neighbor spying on them.

Over breakfast, Elena bids Oscar goodbye although he asks her to stay.

Dr. Gina checks in on Ruby's ankle and diagnoses a sprain. They bond over Anna Karenina. Dr. Gina recommends Love in the Time of Cholera. Ruby enjoys the interaction.

Tino gifts a conga to Alma and gives her a lesson. They see Raul and Tino identifies his companion as a Committee member. They return home to hear arguing and they find a man shot in the courtyard.

Tino tells Raul to take their money and Lily and leave for America immediately. Raul protests but Tino insists he go. He has to tell Lily that Tino killed Felipe over an affair with Felipe's wife.

Tino calls in a tip on himself to bring patrolmen to his club and away from the dock where Raul will be escaping with Lily.

At the club, Alma sits in with Tino's band with Elena in the audience. The patrolmen arrive and Tino is taken into custody.

Alma and Elena meet and Alma shares that she wants to tell the police the truth about Raul and Tino. Instead, she meets with Tino and tells him about their lives in America.

Tino advises her to play for her family and they will understand.

Elena brings Alma's mother and grandmother to the island to see her play and they love it.

Elena checks in with Ruby. Her last task is to take a day off and she spends it with Dr. Gina.

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Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

It's my great-uncle, Raul. And he's so young. And hot, which is surprisingly unexpected.


Now, that dress should pay you for the privilege.