Ruby - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 3
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On this episode of Fantasy Island, eccentric model Eileen visits the island to reconnect with her estranged daughter Theodora and her family. After she recounts why her daughter cut her out of her life, Elena reveals that Theodora and her family are also on the island.

She's overjoyed to hear that she'll finally be able to see her daughter and grandson again. But Eileen soon realizes that, like many other Fantasy Island guests, she's getting more than she bargained for.

The island turned Eileen invisible. She can be around her family on the island but they cannot see or hear her, so she is forced to listen to what they have to say about her. She becomes angry with Elena and the island for doing this to her when all she wanted was another chance to speak to her daughter.

Charles, a partical physicist, is also visiting Fantasy Island. He spent his life researching the answers to the universe, and he came to Fantasy Island to try and experience something unexplainable.

The two crossed paths on the island and Eileen's invisibility proved to be just the miracle that Charles needs. They learn that he can only hear her when they touch. Romantic feelings start to brew between the two despite their big age difference. 

But Eileen quickly tried to use him for her own selfish gain, showing that she still didn't learn the lesson the island was trying to teach her. Elena ends up showing her a moment from Theodora's childhood in order to get her to understand why her daughter doesn't trust her.  

Elena also begins to notice that Ruby is growing homesick on the island so she brings a bit of her home to her. Ruby had learned that she can't contact Mel while she's on the island but Elena managed to get a note from him.

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Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I was a model. It’s a terrible job though. Not nearly as glamorous as it seems. And once you’re a woman of a certain age, people don’t want to look at you anyway. And once you’re a woman of a certain, certain age, people don’t want to look at you at all.


Eileen: Look, Charlie, you strike me as someone who has suffered from a lifelong inability to surrender in any way to irrationality.

Charles: It’s Charles, and you’re correct.