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There's a smash-and-grab robbery at a gun store. The owner's brother arms himself but is surprised and killed. Isobel is out sick with Covid. The plates on the car used in the robbery were stolen. The plates' owner has a high-end security system, allowing one of the perps as a student at the same school as Jubal's son. The student, Clayton, called in sick. A hysterical Clayton locks himself in his room then shoots himself. No guns are found. Clay's friend Simon said Clay had been talking about shooting up a school. Simon gives him the names of gamers Clay had been hanging with. Jubal's son Tyler is on the list. Jubal tells Tyler about what Clay had been doing. Tyler resists helping Jubal. Samantha says Tyler had switched to using her last name. Assistant Director in Charge Reynolds takes over the investigation in Isobel's absence. Zach O'Connor is identified as the other suspect. Guns are found in his home but three are missing. His parents don't know where Zach is. Jubal orders the school evacuated. The school's counselor says Zach had been hanging out with Tyler. Tyler tells Jubal that Tyler was the only kid in school who was nice to him. Zach might be hiding out at his aunt's house. He's not there when the FBI raids it. Zach's last call was to Tyler. Tyler comes up with a possible location for Zach. Once the team gets there, they determine that Zach went back to the gun store to get ammo for his AR-15 and he escapes after wounding the owner. Tyler isn't home when Jubal gets there. Jubal and Samantha argue. Zach takes Tyler hostage and Jubal puts away his gun. Tyler grabs Zach's gun and Jubal tackles Zach. Jubal and Tyler make up. 

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FBI Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Jubal: Do you know who Clayton had been hanging out with?
Tyler: You want me to snitch?

How do you go from smiling and laughing to all of this?

Nina [to OA]