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Alicia is on the other boat being served an Omaha steak by the ship's captain, Connor. The dude wanted to get to know her, so neither Jack nor Travis are with them.

They think she could be happy there. Jack had a sense about her. He's called away. Alicia starts eating the stake, but pregnant girl takes a bite right out of her mouth, then the plate right out from in front of her, leaving with nothing. 

Alicia runs topside. Their boat is dry docked.

Jack laughs that Connor made her a steak. That was a first. He says he'll go find out what's going on with Travis.

Daniel is blotting up blood on the fat kid who was speared through his abdomen. OMG. The fat kid is Jesse McCartney. Chris will watch over him while Daniel disposes of the bloody cloths.

Luis is trying to reason with Maddie. He's arguing with Strand. He doesn't want to try to get her family back, nor does he want to try to get seven people over the border on money for two. Strand has seen better days.

Jack is giving Alicia her job. She needs to hunt down and reel in boats, much as Jack did to her. 

Alex is in Connor's boat, blaming Travis for what happened with the raft. She had to kill the burned dude so he didn't have to drown before he became a zombie, which we know doesn't help anyone not become a zombie. So, not sure of the whole point. Or why she's blaming Travis and not Strand.

Jack and Alicia are out on the hunt for a dupe, but he finds something else. An M144. They're here already. Reed is the bad guy, apparently. He's the crazy.

Madison is treating Nick like a little boy, telling him not to go out and worry her. Strand should go out and do things, not him. She tells him he's getting comfortable with the gun. No he's not, he retorts.

Alex tells Travis she saw the look on his face. He knew what was going to happen. He knew the right thing to do. And he chose. He chose the other. They talk, connect somewhat. Alex tells Travis Connor says he can use her.

Reed taunts Chris. Nick wanders by and closes the door. Chris worries he's going to freeze again. Nick says he wouldn't have shot a pregnant woman, either. He leaves Chris at the door, which seems foolhardy.

Alicia finds Travis. She promises she's going to get him out of this mess, since she got them into it. He assures her he's as much to blame, sharing what he knows about Alex. He just wants her to get out and be safe.

Madison gets Connor on the radio. She makes a trade. Reed for her family. But whoops! Chris just killed Reed. He said he was gonna turn.

Chris only guessed he was going to turn. This isn't going to be all that great.

While Ofelia and Nick are cleaning up after Chris' whoops, Reed does turn. Daniel decides not to put him down, but to stake him to the wall. They decide to deliver him like that. What a great trade.

Alicia decides she has no qualms tossing a pregnant bitch to the floor. She runs.

Travis is delivered to Madison, and Reed starts eating his buddies.

Alicia had to say goodbye to Jack, who tried to get her to stay on the boat, eaten crew and everything. She chose her family, jumping off the boat.


Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I can't tell you what you want to hear. I'm not better than the man who cut the rope. I cut the rope. What you did to that boy? I did the same, to my son's mother.


When Connor found me in the raft just this side of death, the first thing he said to me was, "what do you have to offer?" I offered him your Abigail, but I asked for you.