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Tom Abigail goes to a church that has just been poisoned by the communion wafer seconds after the priest told them not to doubt God, that it was Evil who had come for them via the walking dead.

Madison told Travis Chris killed someone who wasn't dead.

They're on the way to Baja, but things start off poorly. More than Miguel are on the boat greeting the Abigail.

Luis is shot. Before Daniel plunges a knife into his eye, he offers to Nick a coin to give to his mother. Daniel chucks it overboard.

They make it to land. There is a pile of dead bodies on the shore, a dog chewing merrily.

Strand screams for Thomas, running into the church.

He's not there, so they take his truck and go to the Abigail place, where Abigail is ailing. Uh oh.

They meet Celia, who is an evil bitch.

The family continues to be against Chris. Nick warms up to Celia.

Daniel realizes something is up with Celia.

He finds a cellar full of walkers. Celia is a nutball.

But Daniel is hearing things, seeing things. 

Strand wants to die with Abigail, but can't go through with it.



Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Tom: Wait. Will you promise me something?
Madison: What?
Tom: Will you look after him when I'm gone?

You need to make peace with the dead, old man. What are you afraid of?