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Hey! It's Lost!

Apparently we're catching up with the people who were on the web series and crashed into the ocean. They became pretty familiar with how things went down while up there, and one guy is battering the hell out of people who are dying and thrusting them overboard.

Red haired dude tells Alex to put the burned dude out of his misery. Alex doesn't want to. Burned dude says it's OK.

Strand is calling the mystery person again. They're 80 miles out.

Travis and Madison prepare to make love. But there's a sound. Travis finds the red haired bastard dead and infiltrating their water system. Gross.

Strand orders Travis to get it done stat. Weird.

Ofelia has an infected wound, but she's not taking her antibiotics. So, who cares?

Alicia spots the luggage from the flight. It's all washed ashore. She wants to go get it. She's not asking, sick of being at the kids' table. Daniel thinks it's a good idea, too.

Daniel also tells Madison about Strand's destination of Baja Mexico. He wouldn't bring it up with Strand because the conversation wouldn't end well.

There are dead people on the shore, but our survivors have no weapons.

Boring. There's no character development at the moment at all while Madison watches people on shore and waits for Travis to come up from under the boat. The red haired guy's body surfaces first in a cloud of blood, which is super gross, because Travis removes his mouth gear right in it. Um...yuck?

For some reason, Chris is scouting the entire island looking for stuff, but not really looking for stuff at all. It's more like he's looking for trouble, which he finds. Walkers still strapped into their seats wearing oxygen masks even. One of the people is still alive, and then begs for help. It's hard not to want him to die.

Madison asks Strand about Mexico. They start dueling about who helped who survive more back on land.

Nick, sporting the pilot's shirt, helps Daniel find the right pills for Ofelia. Daniel then shuffles off to find Chris, who is trying to save a dying man. You know, from the web series nobody watched.

The help the dying man wants, it turns out, it to be killed. Chris tries to kill him, but his tool at first just stuns the guy, who looks up at him with wild eyes. WTF? Chris pounds him a few more times with the arm of a plane chair and sits on the floor to cry.

Alicia and Nick worry the others are taking too long. She starts off in search of them. Just then, Nick spots a doctor's bag. It's full of medication.

Daniel is looking for Chris, but he's not coming yet. The Asian girl from the raft is running like hell in his direction. Right behiind her is an army of walkers. Anyone not by the boat when it's ready to leave will be in a bit of trouble.

Nick finds a walker who is stuck in a sand pit. He loses his footing and falls down the hill right next to the guy, who was happily eating drabs. Then, like lemmings, another falls down the pit. How many more will fall onto him?

Perhaps it won't matter. They're overcome with walkers. Alicia found Chris, but Nick is still lost in his pit. They can't get to the boat.

Nick is suddenly right there, amid the walkers. He's covered in blood moving through them freely. They don't notice him at all. He stands right in their face. He gets it.

Alex says they need to make a stop. Much to Strand's chagrin, there are more. There is no room. Not here, not where they're going.

Just after Alex tells burn boy that every day will get better and this is the worst it will ever be, Strand comes down and cuts their little boat loose.

Credits roll.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

What's the matter with you? He's burnt to the bone, he's rotting. Put him out of his misery! You have to, Alex. Or I'll...

Red Haired Dude

Madison: Oh, and Victor, you even look wrong at anyone in my family, and I will throw you overboard.
Strand [chuckles]: You're not a killer.