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Daniel is having a nightmare that Ofelia is infected. In reality, Celia is screaming at Strand because he didn't kill himself and a crowd gathered.

Alicia is angry about Chris. He had a knife. Travis knows Chris would never hurt them, but Alicia is certain otherwise.

Celia is a lunatic. She gives them one day to get their shit and clear out.

Travis is searching the dark vineyard for Chris. Chris sees Travis and runs in the other direction. It's rather spooky. Nick watches from the window as spooky music plays.

The sun comes up and pigs are being led to slaughter, screaming. A hole is being dug for Thomas right next to the house, and Daniel sharpens a straight razor on the stone fence.

Travis is out and about. He finds a dead walker with a knife in his forehead, an empty holster on his belt. Chris is nearby, pistol in his.

Madison is whispering orders to her children. They need to get back on the boat. Nick thinks he can get through to an upset Celia. Madison reminds them these people are not their friends.

Travis can barely walk for some reason as he follows a trail of dead bodies. He can't just be thirsty.

Oh. Travis is wandering around in only a pair of socks. He wanders into someone's house without knocking. Once he sits down, he can't get back up. The guy offers him some water.

The fellow speaks no English, so Travis peels off his socks revealing bloody feet.

In town, Nick has bloodied himself up and dragged Celia's son back to the compound. She's awfully happy to see Luis, changed, yes, but no less her son. She's a freak.

Celia has decided the ones who cannot change are not responsible for their behavior like the ones who kill them. This is a new beginning. Celia allows the family to stay, but not Strand. He doesn't belong here.

Daniel is freaking out about putting Thomas into the ground. He says it's unholy, infected, even the dirt.

Strand wonders what's wrong with Daniel. Daniel just reiterates...don't put Thomas into the ground.

Madison says Nick is different, ever since he left LA. He's obsessed with the dead. He says they're not dead. She says what should they call them? Their names.

He thinks it's easy. Celia wanted her son, Nick gave her his son.

Nick seems to think he's invincible. So he doesn't get the blood and guts thing after all.

Daniel, meanwhile, thinks his wife is waiting for him and Ofelia at the gate. If they stay, they die. When people come to protect Ofelia, Daniel slashes them with his razor.

Madison goes to Strand for help with Nick. He says he's not his daddy, and she better bet her ass Celia has her hooks into her son. He was an addict. He's looking for anything to fill that void.

Strand says he's going back to the boat. Asks if Madison is interested. She can't leave without Travis.

All this is going on and Travis is still sitting in the dude's house waiting on a pair of shoes.

He seems to think if he talks slower and points the dude will understand English. Then he sees a book written in English. No habla English? Turns out Chris is holding the dude's son hostage in the other room. Prick.

Celia gives a eulogy about the world being reborn right in front of Thomas' hole in the ground. As the dirt falls on top of him, it falls onto the camera. Celia tells Strand it's time for him to leave.

Ofelia wonders where Daniel is. Celia has him locked away.

Chris tells Travis he's seen the way everyone looks at him, like he's a monster. He bolts. Travis' feet are fine. He takes off after him. Dad wins.

Daniel is tied to a chair by the wine thingies. Celia tries to get Daniel to confess his demons. Daniel just keeps hearing his wife and confesses nothing. Celia says she'll take care of him when he's gone. There's a place for him.

Nick finds Travis. Travis isn't ready to go back. Chris needs him.

Madison is asking Celia to reconsider setting Strand free. They talk about their sons. Madison doesn't think she can change the way she feels about the dead, but she wants to understand. Celia wants her to go with her.

Daniel is happily chatting away to his dead wife. She's still waiting for him to bury her. He told her terrible stories and all of his sins. She asks about the story that is haunting him now. The one he's remembering now is the first one. The boy in the rain? It's him. Another man put the gun into his hands and made him shoot a man in the water. He thought that was his first victim. His wife says that first victim was himself.

Celia takes Madison inside the gated area with the dead. She slowly backs out, leaving Celia inside with them, locking the door. Celia doesn't seem slightly concerned.

The dude with the cut face goes in to feed Daniel. Daniel gets the upper hand. He goes into the cage Madison just left, pouring gasoline on the ground. His wife comes forward to greet him. He lets the flames engulf him.

The entire place is in flames when Strand is leaving. Madison runs in screaming for Daniel. Nick comes back screaming Daniel's name. Alicia is pulling Alicia back. Madison wants to wait for Travis. Nick comes back, bloodied. He couldn't find Travis. He wonders who did this. She was right about this. She knew who we are. We destroy everything.

Nick runs headfirst into a herd of walkers. He passes through, but he's not coming with.

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