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During her drive back to the states, Ofelia's truck breaks down right at the border. As she looks under the hood she is ambushed by four infected.

Ofelia dispatches the infected and notices an approaching horde. She gathers her belongings from the truck and continues on foot.

Later on while walking, a sniper opens fire on her. Ofelia takes cover by a tree but is apprehended by the shooter.

At the Colonia, Nick sneaks out in the middle of the night while Luciana is asleep. He meets up with Javier as they enter the medical building and break into the cabinet housing the oxy in order to bring it to Marco.

When Nick and Javier arrive at the warehouse, Marco refuses Nick's offering, stating that he no longer wants just their drugs, he wants the Colonia. Marco warns Nick to not return to the Colonia if he wishes to live.

Marco then shows Nick Francisco and his family, who have all been murdered.

At the hotel, Madison continues to support Travis and tells him that he did everything he could to protect Chris. Alicia brings Travis breakfast and apologizes that she pushed Chris away. Travis tells her it is not her fault and apologizes for not believing and protecting her.

In the parking lot triage center, more refugees are being treated by a restless Andres. Madison notices an obnoxious Brandon and Derek an approaches them.

Brandon tells Madison that they he was injured when they were in a car accident, but the driver did not make it. As Brandon recollects the story, Madison deduces that Brandon is talking about Chris.

Madison talks with Strand regarding the situation. Madison decides that Travis should continue keep the hope that his son is okay and attempt to get Brandon and Derek away from the hotel before Travis finds out.

However, Travis sees them as they leave the hotel and thinks Chris is with them. He chases them down as they reaches them realizing that Chris i nowhere to be found, and asks Brandon where Chris is.

At the Colonia, Nick apologizes to Luciana for lying to her about leaving to see Marco and tells her of Marco's plan to kill everyone. While they explain the situation to Alejandro in the medical station, a patient in the room reanimates as an infected and attacks Nick.

Alejandro saves Nick but is bitten in the process. During the scuffle, two other people are bitten and Nick eventually kills the infected by gouging its eyes out.

After Nick's persistence, Alejandro reveals in front of Luciana that he is not immune and everything was a lie to protect the Colonia.

Nick attempts to convince Luciana to leave with him, but she refuses stating that she needs to be there for her people, no matter what comes for them.

Back at the hotel, Madison and Travis bring Brandon and Derek to a private room. Travis agrees to fix Brandon's dislocated shoulder if he tells him where Chris is.

After getting his shoulder popped back in place, Brandon reveals that Chris was killed in a car crash while he was driving.

When Travis discovers inconsistencies in their story, Travis pushes Madison out of the room, locking her out. After Travis threatens Brandon, he confesses that they killed Chris and didn't have a choice.

Travis goes on a rampage as he brutally beats Brandon and Derek to death. While attempting to diffuse the situation, Oscar is able to get into the room but is knocked unconscious after Travis slams the door closed on his head.

Afterwards, Travis collapses against the wall in shock.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Travis, you kept your promise to Liza. You did. She asked you to protect him and in this world...this new world, where the...the rules are different and are always changing. That's exactly what you did. He's safer with people who understand him.


Madison: He was killed.
Strand: That's tragic. And?