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At the Rosarito Hotel, Madison, Oscar, Alicia and Elana attempt to keep order as dozens of refugees plead to be let inside. Madison's signal that was intended for Nick, caused others to find the hotel, looking for help and shelter.

Madison is sympathetic, but tells them she cannot allow them to enter. Madison then spots Travis in the mix of people. Travis then sees Madison and he attempts to push through the crowd to reach the gate.

Madison, Elana, Alicia and Oscar are able to open the gate far enough to allow Travis to get through.

Madison talks with Travis in her room and asks where Chris is. Travis does not say anything. After gathering his thoughts, Travis goes on to recount the events after Chris killed the farmer in the barn.

In the flashback, Travis tends to Baby James' gunshot wound to his leg. After searching the house, Travis is able to locate the materials needed to help James. He is able to suture the wound and help stop the bleeding. However, when Brandon asks if James will recover, Travis hesitantly replies that he will.

That evening, while Chris and the boys cook and eat the chickens from the barn, Travis approaches James and asks if how he is doing.

James says he's better, but Travis isn't convinced and tell James that if he is getting worse, he has to tell him.

Travis then pulls Chris aside to reprimand him about killing the man in the barn. It doesn't appear to have any affect on Chris, who shows no remorse. Chris defends his actions by telling his father that he killed him out of self defense for shooting his friend. Travis rebukes that they are not his friends.

The following morning, Brandon backs his truck up to the barn. Brandon says it's time to move on from the farm and intend to load James into the truck. Travis attempts to convince Brandon that James is not ready to be moved, however James insists that he is better and ready to leave.

Against Travis' advice, James is lifted onto the trucks bed. However, they don't get very far as Brandon passes out from pain during the bumpy ride. They're forced to return to the barn.

A week has gone by, and James does not appear to be getting any better. Brandon tells Travis that James needs to put down as he is dead weight. Travis takes Chris' gun and has a standoff with Brandon, telling him that no one is going to touch James.

Later that evening, Travis tells James that his friends want to kill him. James reveals to Travis that the other member of their group, Troy, was sick and made his friends promise that they would kill him before he turned. In the end, Brandon was unable to go through with it, so James was the one who killed their friend.

From that point forward, they all made a pact that they would put each other down should they become a burden on the group.

The following morning, Chris brings Travis breakfast in the barn. Chris pretends to understand Travis' actions as a ruse in order to distract Travis and steal his gun. Brandon and Derek enter the barn and against James' plea for mercy, Brandon shoots him in the head.

Later that day, Brandon, Derek and Chris decide to leave. Chris insists that he is better off without his father, and they drive off as Travis chases after the truck begging Chris not to leave.

Travis then walks off aimlessly for two days before finding the hotel.

Madison comforts Travis, then leaves to find Alicia helping the refugees who have all been moved to the underground parking area. Madison reveals to Alicia that her a father's death was not an accident, but a suicide.

Later that night, a new group of refugess arrive at the gates of the hotel, among them is Brandon. 

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

You killed a man today Chris. The least you can do is...let it affect your appetite.


The whole time you had me thinking I was broken, but I wasn't. I'm not. I was just...adapting