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Al makes it out of the hospital and avoids the herd of walkers, but runs into Martha. Martha asks Al to deliver a message to Morgan, but when she refuses, Martha knocks her unconscious.She wakes up inside her van, learning that the group went back for her. Morgan finds a video that Martha left for him, where she taunts Morgan into looking for her.

Morgan tells the group that before they go to Alexandria, they should all head to Polar Bear's truck stop to stock up on supplies. While the group heads to the truck stop, Morgan goes to confront Martha.

Morgan locates Martha, whose health continues to decline due to her injuries. Morgan puts her in the back of his car and attempts to head back to his friends, however, Martha gains the upper hand and causes Morgan to crash the vehicle.

As the group arrives at the truck stop, they begin loading up supplies. However, they all fall ill and discover they've been poisoned.

Martha pulls Morgan from the wreck and reveals that she intentionally let herself get bit so that she couldn't be saved. Martha tells Morgan that she contaminated the water supply at the truck stop with antifreeze.

Martha taunts Morgan into strangling her, as she intends to make him go back to his dark ways. However, Morgan resists and instead handcuffs her to the car, leaving her there to die and turn.

Morgan is able to radio the group and tell them what they were poisoned with. June tells Morgan that alcohol will reverse the poison's effects.

Morgan makes it back to the group just in time, making a stop along the way and bringing a truck back full of Jim's beer, and everyone recovers.

Morgan heads back to visit Martha and finds that she has turned into a walker. He finally kills her.

Morgan tells the group that he no longer plans to take them to Alexandria and that there are a lot of people out there who are in need of help like Martha was. Morgan learns from Polar Bear's journals that he set up a base at an abandoned denim factory with supplies.

Morgan and the group make their way to the factory and decide to use its resources to help others in need.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

John: You know there are some fish in this world that won't be caught, no matter what you dangle in front
of them. You can go after them, sure. My gut tells me just leave em' be. Now I'm talkin' about fish in this
case, but I think it applies to this woman too.
Morgan: I still gotta try though.
John: I know you do.

Morgan: She's stuck. Whatever happened to her, she thinks killing is the only way.
John: How you gonna convince her otherwise?
Morgan: Because I understand her... I used to be her.