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The herd grows larger as the group remains trapped on the hospital roof. Morgan decides that the only way out is to go back through the hospital, however, Jim remains reluctant to help and stay son the roof.

The group makes it to the generator room, but find that Al is nowhere to be found. However, Al left a note stating that she was going to try for the freight elevator. The group decides to do the same.

Morgan tells June that they need to leave him behind so that he can create a distraction to enable the group to leave the hospital. June, Luciana, Sarah, and Wendell make it to the loading dock but find walkers surrounding the fence.

Morgan heads back to the roof and throws a walker off the ledge, landing on a car below and setting off the alarm.

The sound lures the walkers away from the fence so that the group can escape, but June is hesitant to leave Morgan behind. The distraction fails when the car alarm dies, and after Morgan's persistence, the group flees in an ambulance.

Elsewhere, Alicia and Charlie search for a means of rescuing John and Strand. They have an encounter with Martha, who attacks them. However, she passes out due to her injuries. Alicia reclaims the S.W.A.T van, ties up Martha inside, and uses the vehicle to drive across the water and pick up their friends.

As Morgan begins to lose hope, he finds that June and the rest of the group, including Alicia, Charlie, John, and Strand have returned to the hospital to save Morgan. The group uses a ladder from a fire truck to reach Morgan so he can climb down, however, Jim decides to stay behind.

By the time Morgan descends, the group ends up surrounded by walkers. On the verge of being overwhelmed, Jim decides to leap to his death onto a car to set off the alarm as a distraction, but before doing so, he radios to Sarah and gives her his beer recipe.

The alarm distracts the walkers long enough for the entire group to flee, however, they realize that Martha has escaped.

While the group decides where to head next, Morgan tells them that they need to find Althea, and then they will head to Alexandria.

Later that evening, Martha is seen writing on Jim's corpse as he reanimates as a walker, and saying that they're going to make Morgan strong.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

John: How the hell did they find us?
Strand: Perhaps you were right. Perhaps we just needed to believe.

Wendell: Can I do the honors when you become a skin muncher?
Jim: Jesus, really? Nice bedside asshole.