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Kevin, the new executive chef, butts heads with Dion and Tommy over their vision for Thirio. The Tooth Fairy visits Ziggy in the hospital, where he's recovering from a near-fatal stabbing attack and a mid-surgery stroke, and tells him he'll take care of the family business. The Tooth Fairy reminds Dion that he effectively owns him and demands money. Pilar goes to her sister, Blanca, to ask for help managing the restaurant. While she's there, Blanca falls. 

TJ has a friend--the little girl who draws on the walls. After she leaves him at school, a bully throws a bottle at him. TJ channels his emotions into a sketch. The guidance counselor shows Tommy TJ's sketchbook so that he can see the recent changes in TJ's art. 

Dion asks his Uncle Stavros for money to pay the Tooth Fairy. A pretty blonde named Laura comes in to ask for a job at the restaurant and Dion is eager to hire her--until he finds out that she is Kevin's daughter. Dion tracks down his lawyer, Marisa, and asks her if she can get him out of the restaurant contract, but to no avail.

Stavros is on his motorcycle heading to get the money when a truck hits him and sends him flying. Ruth, Aidan's accountant, tells him that he is running out of money. Stavros tells Dion that he wasn't able to get the money because of the accident. Detective Giordano demands to know if Dion knows anything about the Tooth Fairy's drug running. Dion won't tell unless he does a favor for him.

Pilar goes to Blanca's only to see her getting taken away in an ambulance. Dion breaks into the Tooth Fairy's cocaine and takes some to sell for restaurant funds. Dion takes TJ with him to the food market to sell the cocaine. TJ gets bored and starts drawing on the walls. Cops show up and try to arrest TJ, treating him roughly when he doesn't respond to their questions but Dion comes to his rescue. Dion tells TJ that people will assume things about him because he's black. 

Pilar goes to the hospital to see Blanca and runs into the Tooth Fairy. She starts crying and telling him about all of her problems with the restaurant. Dion apologizes to Kevin for behaving unprofessionally and urges Tommy to stop fighting Kevin's demands. The Tooth Fairy pulls some strings for Pilar to ensure that Thirio passes its health inspection. Pilar learns Blanca has a brain bleed.

Tommy is furious to learn that Dion gave TJ "the talk" about what it's like to be suspected of being a criminal because you're black. While TJ is practicing his boxing with Aidan, Aidan lets him hold his gun. Tommy gives TJ a pep talk about what happened to him with the cops. Dion goes out drinking with Kevin and shows him scantily clad photos of Laura that he has on his phone. Kevin tries to fight him but Dion is saved by Detective Giordano, who arrests Kevin for picking the fight. Now that Kevin is out of the picture, Tommy and Dion celebrate. However, it turns out that Marisa is pregnant. 

Feed the Beast
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Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Why don't we invite him up here and calmly and rationally throw him off the roof?


He calls himself a chef? He has a secret sauce. McDonald's has a secret sauce!