Rose's Fashion Show - Filthy Rich
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Margaret gathers the kids excluding Jason to the house to offer them their six million. Everyone takes their cut instead of Eric who is rewarded with CEO.

Becky talks to Ginger. After Luke leaves Ginger's room, Ginger explains to Becky her sexuality. Becky talks about feeling invisible and lost.

Ginger and Rose out together a fashion show at the motel for Rose's fashion line. Ginger invites Becky along.

Eric tells Margaret that he doesn't want to be a philander or bad man like his father.

Margaret thinks about her past growing up with Franklin and how he's always thetr for her. They try to get Veronica's shares from her but she refuses.

Veronica gives her shares to Mark/Jason. Mark is having a hard time because his brother is dead. Veronica tells him she's his mother and takes him to see Paul. Mark confides in Paul that he killed his brother.

Paul tries to recruit Franklin but Franklin declines. Franklin also calle Veronica out on using him and reminds Margaret that he doesn't know what they are supposed to be.

Becky confronts Rachel and it goes well. Becky walks in the fashion show to get attention and not be invisible. Eric tells Rachel he has to break things off.

Eugene watches the fashion show and bumps into Luke. He tells him he'll tell him everything.

Hammond sees baby Jesus and wants to save him.

Yopi arranges for Antonio to have a big fight but he has to throw the first one. She tells him about what the 18:20 did to her when she didn't abort him.

Margaret and Franklin share their feelings and have sex.

Filthy Rich
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Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

So now you want to be with me?

Veronica; Nothings stopping us. You can be with me. Franklin

Eric: You OK?
Becky: Do you ever think about killing yourself?
Eric: What? 
Becky: Nothing.