Margaret Invites Ginger - Filthy Rich
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Eugene works at a shop to make money to get out of town. He sees all the things happening on air with his family.

Margaret and Paul have riled up their fans making an ordeal out of saving Ginger's soul and she has mobs of people after her.

Jason shows up at the network but doesn't want to be on air.

Paul brings the silent partners in. They look very shady. And they want to assess Margaret.

One of them is a MMA icon and Antonio wants to impress him by showing off his skills during a segment.

Eric goes to a site to break ground on a new charitable endeavor but after a youg kid heckled him and showed off her home he sees that their family didn't actually help at all and ran a slum.

Margaret prepares to speak to Ginger but Ginger finds out that someone is threatening her mother. Margaret sends people take care of it while she and Ginger talk.

The talk between Margaret and Ginger gets heated but despite a dialogue in her head Margaret holds her composure. She does out Jason on live TV and his friends recognize him.

Someone throws something on Ginger on live TV and Margaret gets serious to rebuke the actions to her viewers.

Becky convinces Eric to tell Paul about the houses instead of Margaret. Paul talks to the silent partners.

Luke sniffs around and thinks someone is planning something. He talks to Franklin who gives him a cryptic message that he knows something is up and he's in on it.

Paul and the silent partners are planning a coup. He is using the eomen fighting to keep them distracted.

Filthy Rich
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Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Margaret's a bully. It's about time someone slapped her back.


Margaret: Who doesn't want to be on camera?
Jason: Me. I don't want to be.