Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Pretty When You Cry

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Let Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 4 be a lesson about the importance of communication.

After everything this family has been through, you'd think they would learn to open up and ask appropriate questions when they're unsure of the signals they're receiving. Nope. Instead assumptions are made and then decisions based upon those.

By the time anybody realizes exactly what has happened, all due to situations that were simply misread in the first place, it will be too late to go back and change them. This isn't The Flash. Barry can't run in circles backwards and save the day.

Probably the easiest story of the night was concerning Carter, Lori and Crash. While Carter wants to believe Lori is just a nutter, there is a criminal element to her behavior that trumps the mentally ill aspect. She just never stops aggravating the situation.

The only good thing about all of it was Lori is such a horrid human being that in comparison it was easier to remember the guy Crash was before he tumbled off the hot bad boy path he was walking before he took Carter on the run and shot Max.

For the first time since Max's shooting, Crash didn't come off as unstable. This was obviously the plan all along, to show him as the cute, slightly wicked but also sweet guy guy that girls can love. The kind that would make it into a slide show if he played his cards right (which I'll pop in down at the bottom here).  

Now I remember the original Crash and why Carter liked him. He's honest with her, telling her she was looking for an excuse to forgive Lori, not letting her off the hook for her culpability in what went down with Max and helping her with cash for Lori's psychiatric evaluation. He even pulled back when he thought Carter might be going too fast for her own good with a kiss.

I can get on board with that guy.

Then we have the communication breakdowns. Grant is still too young to quite get what's going on, and to be fair, he's been given the least amount of insight into the whole thing. He's really in the dark. He wants to know and he's asking questions, but he's being given the runaround by everyone but Gammy.

He sees his mom and dad getting too close to other people. Not as close as he thinks, but close enough to assume. That assumption made him talk to David and that talk allowed David to take Grant's word for a kiss between Elizabeth and Kyle and turn it into a possibility with him and Hillary. Whew.

In turn, you just know Elizabeth will move forward with Kyle again. All because a young teen is misinformed and confused.

It's not so far out of the realm of understanding, however, as Taylor is doing the same thing with Max and Bird. Let's just ignore Bird and Max and their missing, absolutely criminal parents. The FBI should be after them. Horrible, they are.

Bird and Max have a lot in common, but most of all it's loneliness. They're forced together out of need and friendship. Taylor pushed Max away. Hard. Why is she taking it out on him and then dragging Ofe into it? That poor kid will be crushed. Tay has misread every single thing for months with Max, even when he flat out tells her he loves her. 

These people have to start talking and stop hiding themselves. It's going to tear them apart. Their secrets have been the one thing that has driven them farther apart than anything. When will they see it?

What did you think of "Pretty When You Cry"? Are you feeling a little better about Crash? What's driving you crazy?

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Pretty When You Cry Review

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