A Dangerous Fire - Fire Country
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Sharon receives good news about her health status. It makes her eligible for a transplant. She and Vince are happy when they hear the news.
Jake talks to Gabbie about her and Bode and tells her he sees and appreciates her bravery.
Gabbie reminds Jake that he and Bodie used to be friends.
Manny receives messages from his financial partners about the status of his loans.
The firehouse holds a training session about fire safety with some community members.
At the same time, inmate firefighters are trained to respond to fire emergencies.
A power outage occurs. 
Bode's ex visits Sharon as she is in town to sell her mom's place.
Sharon's dialysis machine powers down.
A boxcar crashes into the station and triggers a massive fire from a minor controlled burn the station had been using to train people.
Manny talks to the sleep-deprived boxcar driver, who reveals that they are trying to squeeze in some overtime.
An electrical appliance burns Cara after a power surge.
Bode discovers that the inmate firefighter on track for release is trapped under the car's wheel.
The team works to rescue Charlie from under the wheel.
Eve reminds Bode that he might get released and should start thinking about his future and applying to Cal Fire.
Sharon learns some things about Bode from Cara.
Cara suffers a heart attack from the burn caused by electricity.
The firefighters learn that Charlie has been bleeding, putting him at a much higher risk.
Charlie starts giving up hope, but Bode gives him a pep talk and inspires him.
The interrupted dialysis starts affecting Sharon's ability to stay conscious.
A civilian shares her story about being inspired by Gabbie's bravery.
The team tries to save an unresponsive Charlie and succeeds.
Gabriella breaks up with Jake.
Eve encourages Bode to join Cal Fire.
Charlie leaves.
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