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Adam let's Henry die in the cab as he sends it plunging into the river. Henry wakes up and is stopped by the police. Naked. Joanna quizzes him about why he was in the river. He informs her that he likes skinny dipping. He leaves her office and everyone laughs and jokes about him skinny dippiing. 

A dead body is found in the cab, which leads Henry and Jo to investigate. Jo comes across Henry's watch and passes it on to him. Henry is shocked, but manages to cover his tracks. When another body is found, Lucas informs Jo that the knife marks are similar to Henry's. 

Henry realizes that the killer used his knife from his tool bag for the killing. Henry rushes home and gets ready to run off, but Jo appears and demands to know what is going on. Henry tells her about the stalking. Reece informs Henry they will catch whomever is terrorizing him. 

Henry is sent to a therapist. The therapist is very forward with Henry. Henry finds something odd about him. He and Jo try to find out who the killer is and they realize he has therapy in the same building as Henry. The two of them try to catch him but he gets away.

Back at home, Henry is confronted by the man who has carried out the killings and he asks him to kill him. Abe appears and Henry has to kill the killer.

After everyone is leaving, Henry's phone rings and he is told to look outside. Adam is his therapist!

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