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-Peter and Jared are brought up on misconduct charges. The home office sends Richard Taflinger and his assistant Emily to supervise the case. They put Damien in charge of the boys' defense.

-On old client, Tammy claims Peter and Jared paid her to skip out on her trial. They say they gave her the $1,000 to have her tattoo removed before trial but the dermatologist can't confirm that due to doctor / patient confidentiality.

-Peter and Jared manage to prove that Tammy has gotten a tattoo for every crime she has committed, including the one she's currently going to trial for.  Since she doesn't want that tattoo entered in as evidence, she drops the charges.

-Romantic sparks fly between Jared and Emily and she uses her vacation time to stay in LA a little longer.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Emily: The two of you are being accused of misconduct.
Peter: We win most of our cases through misconduct.

We fight. We don't run.