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A little girl is walking down the street, dirty and alone. The police find her. It's 1996. 

A man took her mommy. Frank tries to get information on the girl from Ava's father, but he's worried about his daughter and doesn't want to put her through that.

Frank wants Raimy to look her up. She finds info on her, but her present is shaky. Raimy wants to quit wasting time when the next Nightingale victim is in nine days. Maybe this will help, Frank insists. Gordo comes over, drunk, and interrupts.

Raimy goes to Ava's only to learn she's been missing for three days.

Raimy goes to another station about Ava's disappearance and meets Kyle. Except it's not the first time. They had a pretty wild and sexy night, after which he called her, but she didn't return the call. Awkward!

In '96, Frank takes Ava and Marco to the park to meet with Raimy. Marco recognizes a separation right away. 

Raimy is talking with Ava's parents right after Frank takes Ava and Marco to the park. She never got her life together after what happened.

Marco can't go through this again and is totally cut up. But it appears as if Ava is walking again, just like she did as a kid. She escaped the Nightingale.

Raimy wonders how Ava knew she escaped the Nightingale. She said because he said he took her mother.

Back in '96, Raimy tells Frank Ava told her she saw the face of the man who took her mommy.

Raimy and Kyle check out the warehouse where Ava said she was being held. They find a mask, food and wadded up duct tape.

Kyle really likes Raimy and wonders if he did something wrong. She says she just has a lot on her plate. He apologizes, saying he must have misread things, shakes her hand and moves on.

Raimy reminds Ava they played together as kids. Ava doesn't remember seeing his face, but she remembers a scar. Raimy says to keep details to herself because revealing them gives him ad advantage. Then she's on the news, sharing that and more.

Ava admits she pulled a hoax, much to the consternation of her father. When her book flopped, she says says she wanted to matter again. Frank gets the description of the Nightingale Killer from Raimy and has his sketch artist draw a sketch. He leaves it for Raimy to see. It's almost identical.

Frank then goes to talk to Ava. Yes, that's the man. But he doesn't always wear the hood. That means she's seen him before. Marco comes up angry as hell and drags Ava away.

Raimy finally gets a good conversation with Ava, and in it learns she saw the killer at least seven times as he stalked her mother from a blue truck with a white camper shell. We saw it and so did Frank.

Frank stakes out and gets a line on the guy. He gets out of his truck and asks "sir" to do the same. The guy doesn't, but speeds away. Julie wonders what's going on and chooses not to trusts Frank's instincts about the truck he was casing, but to believe she's not in any more trouble as any other nurse in the city.

Janet has a new sketch from Ava, who is already excited about the publicity. 

In the present, Ava will walk, as long as she agrees to counseling. 

Raimy tells Frank about Daniel. He wants her to start living and prepare for the fact they may not win this one. She has to face it. 

Frank does what he can to protect Raimy, which includes the pretense of teaching her woodworking so she can keep a knife next to her bed at night.

The Nightingale Killer is burning his truck.


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Frequency Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Frank: You got all of that out of her file?
Raimy: No, the internet.
Frank: Wow. Dial-up's fast.

Here, let me get this straight. You're afraid to sleep with the guy at work who you don't remember, because you'd be cheating on the guy who doesn't remember you? [strikes his beer bottle] Shame...shame...shame...