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Okay so we're at some hotel/motel in 2016 for people who just got out of prison

Guy walks into a room, then you hear 3 gunshots. Turns out the dead guy is a heroin dealer that Raimy and her dad locked up in 2008.

Raimy is having brand new memories of her early days on the force.

Her and her dad locked him up. The one where Frank died, they found the heroin dealer murdered, 2 shots in the back of the head.

When Frank was dead, Raimy was trained by Stan. When he wasn't dead, she was trained by Frank.

Raimy checks in with Frank in the present and tries to tell him not to be an idiot. He's just trying to get to know her again.

He catches up with Julia at one of Raimy's softball games and things go well with Julie. He can't wait until the day he can call her Doctor.

They find a body on the ground and Raimy tries to save her. Frank has to tell her to stop. She's gone.

Raimy remembers in her original timeline when Stan took a brick of cocaine or heroin from the girl's place and didn't help her save the gal.

Raimy asks Stan if he remembers either of the people from the old days. He says no. Satch says they're asking because of his old narco days. 

Back in the day, Frank is asking Satch to run the plates of one of Raimy's coaches who was being hinky with Julie.

Raimy is remembering telling Gina's parents about her death as she talks to them about whether or not the Vitales killed Gina's killer in the present.

Raimy remembers Stan taking the brick of drugs into the Vitales and then sharing with them the news of Gina's death. Mr. Vitale said the killer was a dead man walking.

Raimy knows it was him. Satch wants her to shut up.

Frank finds out Coach Ted comes over to visit mom and plays catch with her when he's there.

Stan gives Raimy a lesson about being a cop who doesn't talk or turn on her people.

I'm totally bored and don't care what's happening right now.

Stan asks Raimy where she got the file because there's no way she could have had information on Nikki. When he's not satisfied with that answer, he calls Satch. So, Satch knows exactly how bad Stan is and he allows it. 

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Frequency Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Frank: Slow down. We're not going to help anybody if we're not gonna get there.
Raimy: What the hell, dad? Calm down.
Frank: It's 'what the hell' Detective Sullivan.

You know who else had crazy hunches? I'll give you a hint. You and him, you share the last name.