FOB S6E3 - Grandma Huang - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 3
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Marvin's retiring from dentistry and leaves Grandma Huang wanting a retirement party of her own. Mostly to receive gifts, specifically a hot tub. 

Evan's worried that with Marvin's retirement it will break the doctor patient confidentiality oathe and he will spill the secret he spiled the last time he was under anesthesia. 

Louis brings his brother Gene to town to remind his mom that Gene's the screw up and that she should cherish Louis more. 

His plan backfires and Hurricane Gene has matured into Steady Gene. 

Gene has faced death and has changed his wild ways. He is now a wise and thoughtful person, to Louis's dismay. 

The boys are on a wild goose chase in search of a secret to hold over Marvin. They eventually go straight to the source and learn about Marvin's secret, Angela. 

Angel's not a woman, but the sailboat he originally had, but told Honey he bought himself for retirement. 

Jessica opens Louis's eyes to see that he is too unforgiving to change. And it's Louis's turn to learn a lesson. 

He talks to his brother and resolves past issues, and they forge a new relationship. 

Grandma Huang receives her hot tub and the entire family benefits from it. 


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The woman who thinks Lex Luther is the superhero of Superman?


Louis, you know you shouldn't undress when you're upset.