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Madelena asks if Galavant missed her. He talks about his dreams of being with her, but she tells him how much she loves living in the castle. Madelena wants to remain queen but keep Galavant as her “special companion.” Galavant sings a song and tells her he loves her. Madelena says she loves him as much as someone like her can love anyone.

King Richard complains that Madelena tricked him. The chef suggests Xanax, a magician, for the King.

Madelena takes Galavant to the dungeon where Isabella and Sid are. Madalena kisses Galavant in front of Isabella to hurt her. Then she tells Gareth to torture the prisoners. Meanwhile, King Richard and the chef arrive to see Xanax, played by Ricky Gervais.

Galavant still tries to believe that Madelena loves him, while Isabella and Sid try to talk some sense into him. The jester is in the dungeon with them too!

Xanax works his magic on the king. The King has a vision of the day his father died, and the time his older brother humiliated him. The King has always been second choice.

Isabella apologizes to Galavant, and he tells her she is babbling. Then he calls her “Princess Isababble.” They sing a song about love that they say specifically is not like a fairy tale.

He tells Madelena he is breaking up with her. But she has brought in his brother, he says he is going to take over the kingdom.

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Galavant Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Look around. I live in a castle. And you know what I’ve learned about myself? I really like stuff. I mean, why would I give all this up to get fat and pregnant and grow my own food?


Xanax can help anything.