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King Richard and Galavant are still baffled that Richard's castle has vanished so they ask a villager. He tells Richard and Galavant that they tore the castle down and used the materials to build shops for the village. Richard is outraged that the village decided they didn't need a king and have chosen to be a democracy.

Over in Valencia, Gareth has a nightmare about stabbing Richard in the back, literally. His screams wake Madalena and she is, of course, angry. The Queen tells Sid that if he doesn't fix Gareth's night terrors, she will cut Sid's throat. Sid confronts Gareth about his nightmares and suggests that Gareth might be feeling a little guilty about everything that happened with Richard. But Gareth has no idea what "guilty" means and Sid helps him understand.

In her tiny little prison room, a heartbroken Isabella is eating candy and watches the Jester reenact her "break-up" with Galavant using wooden dolls. Isabella's parents interrupt to introduce the wedding planner, Wormwood, who is clearly evil. 

Richard realizes that he has lost everything and has no idea who he is if he isn't king. Galavant pleads his case to the villagers at the town meeting and tells them that he needs their army so he can go save his one true love. They boo him but Richard comes to his defense. One woman, Roberta, joins.

Galavant saddles up, ready to ride to Hortensia to save Isabella alone but Richard stops him and tells him that he and Roberta will be joining too. Galavant is annoyed and the oblivious Richard tells him they should hurry since he just stole the horses and he set fire to the town's Rec Center. 

The evil wedding planner executes his plan by using the mind controlling tiara on Isabella. Wormwood plans to use Isabella to take over Hortensia. Isabella sets a date for the wedding, under the control of Wormwood, and tells the kingdom. The Jester points out her odd behavior to Isabella's parents, but her parents don't care. The Jester knows something isn't right.  






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