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Bran and the Raven are at the tower of joy, where Ned meets with Meera's dad and they engage in a duel. 

Ned wins, but hears a scream from the tower. Bran wants to go investigate, but the raven declines. Bran screams for his father who actually heard it. 

Bran argued with the Raven over his decision. 

Jon Snow woke up and chatted with Davos and Mellisandre about what happened during his time out. Jon got up and left to go see his people. 

He executed the four men who killed him, before leaving Castle Black for good and saying that Edd is to be lord commander. 

Daenerys arrived at the Dothraki camp and argued with the head woman, who told her that the only hope for her now would be to live out her days at the camp with the other women. 

Daenerys makes it clear that she will return into power and when she does, she won't be so nice about it. 

Meanwhile in Mehreen, Varys quizzed the girl about the sons of the harpie, but she was scared to come clean about them. 

He made her an offer she couldn't refuse that would save her and her son. 

Ramsey got a shock gift in the form of Rickon Stark.

Cersei went toe-to-toe with Olenna, but Olenna was quick to point out that Cersei was no longer the Queen. 

Tommen went to the sparrow to debate what will happen with his mother. 

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