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The search for the mole within the task force hits high gear. Chapel has the team do surveillance on a block party.

The Metas show their power and control at the Los Angelicos festival by blowing up a food truck and killing three people.

In response, Chapel sets the task force after the Metas. Ryan forces Javier into giving up a location and it's where Daniel was being held. Ryan finds proof that Daniel was there and realizes his friend was tortured.

 Tio Gordo kills a Meta rival when he goes after Carlos.

Chapel visits and threatens Javier, who gets it on tape. He gets a restraining order against the cop. Since Chapel can't go after Javier, he goes after Daniel instead and sets up the banker. Daniel is arrested and Ryan tries to help him.

Jess tells IA that Daniel's fiance visited Ryan and she believes her boyfriend is the mole.

Javier meets with Miguel to work out a deal, but the Meta says Gordo must die. Out of anger and to protect his family, Javier kills Miguel and the other Metas.

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