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Javier continues to deal with the ramifications of the deal he made to get out of the business in 18 months. A man is killed to prove a point and if Javier's not careful, his family will end up dead too.

Sonny Watts is released from prison and goes on a shooting rampage. He takes a shot at Chapel, but only grazes him and then kills his attorney. The task force corners him and he claims to have video proof that Chapel pushed a guy out the window. Ryan negotiates Watts' surrender, but Vee kills him.

Watts did have a video of Chapel. The team decides to get rid of it and cover for their boss. Ryan confronts Chapel and his superior officer has a cover story. Ryan says he destroyed the video, but he keeps it.

Carter suspects Ryan is the mole.

Daniel's losing it after being abducted, tortured and nearly killed. He gets into a bar fight. His fiance is worried about him and visits Ryan. Jess sees their friendly embrace and takes down Susie's license plate number.



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