When Allison comes over to pick up the kids, she turns on Gary's broken dishwasher despite his warning.  The dishwasher floods his apartment and a guilty Allison invites him to stay with her while his house dries.  While at the house, a jealous Dr. Krandall keeps coming over to spy.

Allison offers to let Gary rent out the house after she and Krendall move into his and gives Gary the master bedroom to sleep in and heads to bed herself after popping a sleeping pill.  She ends up sleepwalking into her masterbedroom and wakes up being spooned by Gary with Dr. Krandall on the foot of her bed.  He ends up telling her that she subconsciously planned all this and ends up calling off their engagement.  Gary lost his chance to rent out his wife's / his old house and had to move back into his.

Meanwhile, Tom was forced to go on a blinddate with his neighbor's daughter that was new in school.  She turned out to be beautiful and he was at first nervous to be the center of attention at the dance, but later embraced it until he lost her.

Gary Unmarried
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Gary Unmarried Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Fine, but we are officially even. After this, I don't want to hear how my big head ruined your body

Tom [to his mom]

Gary: Hey son, when are you leaving for the big dance?
Tom: As soon as cowzilla rips the roof off and plucks me out