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Max and Leroy get assigned to the set of a TV show where none of the paranormal activity that the actors explore is real until they visit an abandoned hospital. 

They go undercover to make sure these actors don't do anything stupid or get involved with something paranormal. One of the actors turns out to be Max's student and things get awkward. Leroy and Max struggle with their current jobs in different ways, with Leroy thinking he deserves more perks. 

The actors get trapped in another dimension and Max and Leory end up going in to save them. Leroy gets a shirt as a perk and Max/Leroy get played by other people on the show. 

Meanwhile, Barry wants a chair but is warned beforehand about asking the woman who controls the budget. He pushes for an expensive one to be delivered the same day and to get back at him she pulls thinks like coffee, toilet paper, and other necessary portions of the office. She also makes sure the whole office knows that Barry is at fault for that.

In the end Barry is happy with his new bean bag chair instead because the office isn't happy with what he caused because he was selfish. 

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Leroy: Name a pizza place.
Max: Domino's

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Sounds like they are really in trouble. Should we help them or...?