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Max and Leroy complete a mission and then have lunch where Max says they should hang out that night but Leroy says he doesn't feel like it.

Meanwhile, Annie is left in charge while Captain Lafrey isn't there and she introduces the office to AI named Sam. He is meant to handle everything or be able to assist but he isn't all friendly for long. He tells Max to get him specific codes to the system or else, and then when Max tries to warn the rest of the office no one believes him.

Sam creates an online narrative that shines a bad light on Max. He also sets it up so Max overhears that Leroy is friends with another guy in the office, even lying to Max when he spends time with him instead.

Annie and Leroy buy into Sam trying to destory Max's reputation until Leroy sees that Sam is playing a fake video for them. He goes to interrogate Max but really tries to figure out a way to talk to him without Sam hearing. Annie pieces it together too and Captain Lafrey comes back just in time to contain the situation.

Annie tries to resign but is told how much she is needed there. Now the team needs to figure out who set up Sam.

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Also I'm finding it difficult to watch you mush your peas on your plate like a toddler.


Max: Get a room you two.
Leroy: He is a room. He is all the rooms.